– Increasing the conversion rate with 20% over night


- Website
- Interaction design


Since Sambla’s inception, their philosophy has always been the same – comparing lenders’ offers so that everyone, regardless of who they are and what they do, always get the best possible bank loan. We’re working with them to optimize the loaning experience so more people go from comparing to action.

We’ve worked iterative with them from the start. Optimizing small interactions to test the best way forward. It’s an ongoing process where we work on a weekly basis with different solutions. From idea to implementation is a quick way and this is the key to our success rate with them.




With the starting point of having an appreciated service Sambla wanted to reach higher grounds and boost their conversation rate. They needed their customers to take action while visiting the site and to understand their USP in an early state.


People visit Sambla to overlook possibilities of getting a loan to the best price possible - so let’s make the first thing they see a loan calculator. While they receive a graphic overview of their opportunities their motivation to go all the way with Samblas services increases.


The loan calculator successfully resulted in a 20%+ conversion rate. By leading the user directly to the USP of Sambla and display it in a quick and easy way without any extra complicated steps, we turned pixels into profit.